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In June of 2009 the Two Hearts Horsemanship Program was founded in an effort to bring a new and innovative therapeutic approach to the resident children at prominent children’s home in Mesa, Arizona. The premise was that the loving hearts of horses could help heal the broken hearts of people through a variety of experiences with the horses and through Christ-centered mentorship. By pairing people with horses who had remarkably similar backgrounds, and with qualified mentors, the lost and broken could begin the healing process. 



After 6 years of growth and enormous success with children at risk, I decided it was time to expand the mission.  In 2015 I said goodbye to the amazing young people at the children's home and moved to a location in Gilbert, Arizona.  I now operate a for-profit business which helps fund our non-profit work.  In addition to children, we now serve veterans, first responders, families in crisis, couples, church groups and many others.


If you know anyone who you think would benefit from guided mentoring through horsemanship, please let them know we are here!

To passionately pursue our mission.

Show love and care in all our actions.

Enrich as many lives as we possibly can.

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At the Two Hearts Homestead, our current location, we are refining our program to meet the needs of our guests to ensure an atmosphere of healing and growth.  Our 501c3 (The Two Hearts Healing Center) is dedicated to providing our services free of charge to those who qualify and can benefit from the Two Hearts approach but who cannot afford it.  A percentage of all fee-for-service income goes into the 501c3.

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