The Spirit Of  Connection

August  4TH - 6TH, 2017



Two Hearts is not here to simply give you answers.  

We are here because the path is long, and sometimes steep,

but it's rewards are rich.  




  • Learn to connect more deeply with yourself in order to rebuild and restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance

  • Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)-learn to connect with the wisdom of the body

  • Learn to strengthen and trust your intuition

  • Learn skills that will help you move through challenging transitions in life

  • Identify and understand what is holding you back and why

  • A place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the animals

  • All discussions, projects and activities will include working with the horses each day

















The purpose of these WEEKEND RETREATS is to help increase your knowledge and understanding around the "HOWs" and "WHYs" of human behavior and to assist in your motivation for change. To be more in control of choices, experience emotions fully, avoid emotional shut-down, and to develop completeness through connection to others.