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To attend a webinar you are first required to register.

Registration is possible in two different ways.


By receiving an email invitation

When you receive an email invitation you can click the attached link to go directly to the registration page. After registration, or after logging in with your existing account, you can subscribe to a webinar. We will only use this information for your registration. We will not share this information with any third parties.


By visiting our website 

You can also subscribe to a webinar of your choice by visiting our webinar schedule on our website. In this case, you are also required to register for the webinar or log in with your existing account.

You can watch the webinar on your pc, laptop or tablet (iPad and Android). Click the link you have received in your email beforehand to go to the webinar login page. After filling out your email address and password, you can click the ‘Watch’ button to start the live webinar broadcast.


In case you cannot attend the webinar live, you will often receive the possibility to watch the webinar on-demand, after the live broadcast. You will then receive the on-demand link by email or you can search for the specific webinar in our webinar archive.

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