Through gentle exploration you'll become more aware of your strengths and as a result, feel more empowered to create the life you desire.


If you are looking for a peaceful corner where you can quiet your mind and learn to listen to your inner voice, participating in our relaxing and peaceful activities, it will touch your heart and soul.

Two Hearts N-AZ is a beautiful place

to reflect on your life,

restore your spirit and

rejuvenate your soul!




This weekend workshop "GRIT and GRACE" is for any woman wanting to bring back joy, hope, and unlimited possibilities in to their life.


An opportunity for women, sisters, mothers, daughters and friends to step back and focus on their own physical and mental health.












During this retreat, you will work with our amazing horses that can help to uncover and heal imbalances in your life.


No Previous Horse Experience is Necessary















Imagine yourself among a group of like-minded women who are eager to explore past experiences and emotional stressors that have inhibited their ability to live their lives as fully as they would like.


There is nothing better than experiencing the healing power of horses and nature, supported by other women who will embrace you and help you to identify and break out of old patterns of self defeat.


Sisterhood never felt so good!


Discover self-love, acceptance and empowerment



Meet the Leaders

Both Cindy Jones and Lori Olsen specialize in helping women identify barriers which limit their vision, hopes and dreams.


Cindy Jones is a native of Arizona, the mother of four beautiful children, and the Founder/Director of the Two Hearts Horsemanship Program. Together with her husband, she helps others to become more fully engaged in all aspects of their lives through equine assisted activities and learning.  She finds deep fulfillment in helping to guide others on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves and what they can be by creating authentic communities full of imperfect people. 

Cindy’s background as a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Coach, as well as having an extensive understanding of the horse’s ability to tune into a person’s emotional state of being, enables her to work with a variety of people and incorporate a myriad of healing approaches in her work.  She’s warm, funny, a truth teller, and is passionate about encouraging others to embrace their own unique gifts and to pursue their own dreams.     


** Additional Equine Inspired Coaching sessions are available with Cindy for anyone who has a desire to further explore limiting perspectives which have inhibited their ability to embrace their strengths and influenced their life choices and decisions. Together with the horses, Cindy can help clients identify and work on their most complex emotional challenges.


All sessions are confidential and are ideal for individuals, couples and families.


Lori Olsen, MC, LCP, is an avid horsewoman and a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in Mesa.

Despite growing up in a very abusive home, she has always believed that people are designed to heal and be whole. Her faith and her horses taught her to be patient, gentle, strong and brave. She has been married for 35 years and has 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

Lori’s own healing path has led her to become a highly sought after expert in her field and she thrives on helping others overcome their abuse and trauma.  Her practice is centered around the knowledge of our divine natures and our innate ability to heal. She is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Trauma Releasing Exercise facilitator and one of the finest in her field.

After a time of working as a trauma therapist, she knew that many of her clients could benefit from having a good horse to love and be guided by, just as she had experienced while growing up.  Therefore, she now incorporates them into her practice as well. Lori believes that life is an amazing journey so we better be ready for the ride!