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Healing Through Horsemanship

Everything that happens here is therapeutic in nature.  Through the special relationships that horses offer, we are able to teach the values of hope, family, trust and faith!   Our goal is to consciously engage the power of horses as a way of teaching compassionate communication, heart-based interpersonal relationships and self-responsibility focused on personal growth and insight development.  Through the horses, you will be able to develop a strong connection to life; the life within you, outside of you, and all around you.  In addition, you will learn important life management skills.  The life lessons learned at Two Hearts apply not only to what happens here at the Homestead, but also in your everyday interactions with others.

The Thousand Pound Therapist

People respond to horses in ways they often can’t with people.  The human / animal contact creates a greater awareness of the areas in which we most need skill development.  Horses are always honest, which makes them especially powerful teachers. They provide a living world for us to learn about ourselves.

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