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Young people face many pressures and may not always react in the healthiest ways to the problems they encounter. In some cases, they may need coaching to help them develop healthy coping skills. Some of the struggles young people face are a normal part of growing up, like dealing with peer groups, experimenting with new ideas, and going through changes in mood, identity, and interests. We believe that given the right tools and support, all young people can thrive regardless of their emotional wounds or challenges.


Our goal is to empower our youth and help them develop fundamental life skills which will help contribute to a more positive life-style.  We enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices, reduce high-risk behaviors, strengthen resiliency and establish a positive pattern of behaviors.  We also cover skills that are designed to keep them present, in control and engaging effectively in all areas of their lives.


A HORSE CANNOT LIE and therefore will always provide an honest reflection of the child's inner life. Through the horse a child can gain personal insight and learn new skills that help them with their human relationships.  


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