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Two Hearts Horsemanship uses equine assisted learning to develop life skills, enhance communication and foster inner healing.
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Two Hearts Horsemanship

“The horses give us hope and make us believe that we can do something really special in life.”

                         – child participant


People respond to horses in ways they often can’t with people.    Horses are always honest, which makes them especially powerful teachers. They provide a living world for us to learn about ourselves.


The loving heart of a horse can help heal a broken heart. We strive to create a culture where character matters and where we can learn the lessons of life through the language of the horse.  


Through guided experiences with the horses, people are able to develop stronger connections to life and grow the life skills needed to create a more positive future.  We offer these services to the general public, both adults and children.


Watch this short video to learn more about what the Two Hearts Horsemanship program is, how it works to provide relief for those in distress, and meet the veterans, first responders and kids at risk which we serve.

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