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Veterans & Their Families

As the adopted mother of several young men who have served in combat, I am familiar with symptoms that might be exhibited in post war veterans upon re-introduction to civilian life. We've seen great results with veterans struggling with PTSD, depression, addictions, guilt, grief, anger, panic attacks, sleep disorders, and spiritual injuries. It is clear that the veteran is not the only one whose life is changed by deployment to a combat zone.  The entire family shares the difficulties of being separated from a loved one and the complexities of re-integrating into family life after his/her return.


Our horse program is effective in helping veterans manage and heal from the effects of military service through re-building self-esteem and emotional balance, re-connecting a spiritual foundation and core relationships, and focusing on the future.   A minimum of four to six sessions are  recommended in order to develop a relationship, build trust, establish communication, clearly define goals and discuss session strategies.  Goals may include:


  • Opening a better line of communication in your home

  • Developing a strong bond and/or resolving trust issues with your family

  • Confidence building

  • Anger management

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Support for significant others

  • Re-integration into community






In an effort to work toward providing best services to our veterans, and because of recent stolen valor, it will be necessary to provide proof of service in order to receive the discount which is typically established through the DD214. 

Studies show that because Police Officers, Fire Fighters and other First Responders face a continued exposure to human crisis and traumatic situations which go well beyond normal experiences, they are at greater risk for developing stress related conditions, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These stressors can lead to depression, anger and cynicism. All three are expressed in various ways including infidelity, divorce, substance abuse, misuse of sick time, domestic violence and suicide.  Two Hearts Horsemanship customizes the program to each individual or group allowing for healing, adaptability and coping mechanisms for these situations.


First Responders

A Different Journey - Full Circle

Learn about how working with horses has amazing results for US Veterans who struggle with family issues, reintegration and even suicidal thoughts.  Hear veterans share the struggles and stories of how they change their lives.

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