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I have been dealing with feelings of loss, anxiety and depression. I knew a lot about my situation, but I was still stuck and it was really painful. With the help of Cindy's COMPASSION and innate wisdom of the horses, their gut feelings and reflection, I came to know myself better and best of all, to begin acquiring the life skills necessary to begin moving forward. The result? Hope. By the time I left Two Hearts Horsemanship, I had made some genuine shifts in my thinking, true; but even more important, the way I felt had shifted. I felt heard and I felt hope. - Participant



My time here has brought me so much clarity, PEACE and joy. I would recommend Cindy's sessions, workshops and retreats to anyone looking for deep healing in a beautiful, supportive environment. The horse was right about me, by the way. And I have started making important life changes with considerable success. Thank you! - Participant

























Each session was differnt and a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, with Cindy suggesting daily activities, depending on what issues were present for me each morning.


Cindy was completely dedicated to the cause of unearthing issues that were the cause of my emotional pain and discomfort, and that were contributing factors to an overwhelming sense of feeling 'stuck'. Through her constant thoughtfulness and attention to detail, she and her beautiful horses made me feel safe and assured at all times, helping me through each lesson and journey.


I feel very honored to have had such an experience in my life and to have been loved and cared for by Judy, Wayne and their entire animal family. It was an awesome gift and on that I will never forget. - Participant



You have had PATIENCE with me when I did not have any for myself. You gave me hope when I lost all hope in myself, and you believed in me when I no longer believed in myself. The way you work gets through to me. I love working with you and the horses, - Participant



Thank you for being such a wonderful coach! You gently push me and don't let me off the hook -- while holding space for the connections to be made and for me to reach the HEALING and ephiphany I need to move forward. You and your herd make a formidable team! - Participant



I have done a lot of work in counseling, therapy and several modalities to try and find healing and release of the trauma in my past and you class was amazing! I appreciate your willingness and ability to hold and facilitate space and thank you for the opportunity for healing and GROWTH. The environment was safe and the horses, especially Senora, were amazing. - Participant



Retreat Leader and Transformational Coach, CINDY JONES, affectionately know as "The Horse Lady" supports those who have experienced painful, traumatic events, create meaningful and lasting relationships. 



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