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Canine Cab

Canine Cab Transportation Services:

Canine Cab Transportation 

Don’t have time to drive your dog or pick him or her up from Day Camp?  

We offer safe and convenient pick-up and drop-off transportation to our Day Camp clients within a 5 mile radius of our location.


We will drive to your house, pick up your pup, and bring him/her back to The Ranch, and then bring your pup home again.


$10 one way

$20 fee (both pick-up and drop-off)


Day Camp pick-ups run between 7:00am – 8:00am on weekdays only

Day Camp drop-off’s run between 1:00pm – 2:00pm on weekdays only



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  • Why is Day Camp good for my dog?
    At the Two Hearts "Adventure Dog" Ranch, your furry family member will learn how to be a well-balanced canine citizen. Play and mind stimulating activities are a fantastic way for your dog to alleviate boredom and anxiety. When left alone too long, they may start to develop destructive behavior or become anxious or poorly behaved. We know that socialization is deeply instinctual for dogs. That's why at the Two Hearts "Adventure Dog" Ranch we integrate group play skills with others that help with: being more comfortable around dogs and people staying physically fit. Pet obesity is a growing concern. According to Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 50 percent of dogs are obese. Day Camp also helps to supplement the training you do at home with additional lessons during the day- learning positive behavior leads to less mischief at home.. Continual reinforcement of positive behavior can help your dog retain what they are taught. We reinforce basic obedience commands to keep the pack calm, controlled and safe. If your dog lacks training, he/she will begin to take cues from the pack that will make him/her a more well-behaved dog.
  • Can any dog come to Day Camp or be an overnight Lodger?
    YES! All breeds of dogs are welcome as long as they go through our behavior and temperament evaluation and have been accepted. All companions must have current vaccinations, be spayed/neutered if over the age of 10 months, be free from external parasites (fleas and ticks) and have not knowingly been exposed to any transmissible illness in the past 30 days prior to spending time at The Ranch. A current certificate must be kept on file at all times. A written certificate(s) proving they are spayed/neutered and current with Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, & Parainfluenza), and Bordetella has been provided.
  • I have a mellow and/or older dog. Will they enjoy Day Camp?
    It will depend on your dog and their temperament as each dog is different. We typically do not accept dogs over 13 years of age, however some older dogs enjoy romping with the younger ones, while others prefer to watch the play from one of our comfy porch beds. We have plenty of areas for each dog to find just the right group of dogs to play or lounge with.
  • What should I bring when my dog is overnighting?
    When your dog is spending the night you should make sure all required forms, including proof of vaccination, are on file with us. You can bring in copies to your scheduled sleep over. Also, bring a collar, leash, food, and medication and anything in particular you know they’d like to sleep with.
  • Can I see what my dog is doing while they are in Day Camp or overnighting?
    Of course! Part of the fun is watching your pet play with their friends. You’ll receive pictures and videos throughout your dog’s stay with us!
  • My dog has some health problems. Can my dog still come to Day Camp?
    We do not accept dogs that have communicable diseases or parasites. We also do not accept Epileptic dogs for their own safety.
  • Is there a schedule of activities and safety rules?
    Yes. Our day is broken up into times of play, rest, and more. We also emphasize good manners and healthy boundaries for our canine friends when they come to play or stay.
  • Can my dog catch a disease by being around other dogs?
    Your pet can be exposed to diseases regardless of where they are. We help minimize risks as much as possible by maintaining extremely high sanitation standards, requiring all pets in our care to be properly vaccinated and contagious illness free. Our goal is to offer a safe and clean environment for every pet in our care.
  • What if my dog develops an injury or illness while in Day Camp or overnighting?
    In the event of a serious illness or injury we will always act in the best interest of your dog. We partner with local Veterinarians that can provide medical services for pets in our care, should the need arise.
  • Can my dog be fed a meal or given medications during Day Camp or while Lodging?
    You bet! We can do both. We ask that owners bring in their dog’s labeled food and/or medications when dropping off their dog.
  • What are the qualifications of your staff?
    With over 25 years of experience in animal care, we are experienced, trained, dog-loving caregivers who make it our mission to keep your pet as happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable as possible while you’re away. All staff are Canine First Aid and CPCR Certified, background checked and carry an up-to-date fingerprint clearance card.

Cindy Jones


Cindy Jones owns and operates the Two Hearts Ranch where she runs both the Adventure Dog program as well as an Equine-Assisted Therapy program called Two Hearts Horsemanship. In addition to owning and training both dogs and horses from an early age, Cindy is also an accomplished Equine-Assisted Growth and Development Specialist whose services are an enormous help to both children and adults. Being able to bring people closer to their pets and helping build that relationship is a strong passion for her.  



CALL 480-818-3882

You can print, fill out, and submit the registration forms by CLICKING HERE.  Please ensure the completed forms accompany you upon arrival.

Our major cross streets are Power Road and Hunt Highway in Queen Creek, AZ.  Please call us for directions.

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